Dwarven Drinking Song

Aicha – Human Zinyadi Knight
Bella Heron – Human Ranger
Liftgar – Dwarven Fighter
Amor Shadowmane – Human Wizard
Quilinau – Half-Elf Cleric
Roondar – Gnome Rogue
Ivil Gromskull – Human Barbarian
Koravan Bloodhammer – Human Cleric
Sonarra Pildapush – Halflink Rogue from Hellgate Belt of dexterity+2
Pesha Herron – Nicolai’s Cousin
Pina Herron – Nicolai’s Neice
Rydel – Ex Thriae Elite
Vardalon, Pelothian Thriae Warden
Thriae Guerillas – Thriae Elite – Leigh(f) Candela(f) Sigfa(f), Jess(m), Orbri(m), Durga(m), Maevis(m)

Marshall Serris of Storasta
Liandra Roderish – Sargeant of the Lanthorian Sable Company (disbanded) – current whereabouts, unknown
Eveleen Shadowmane – Tyrus Daughter, Allister’s Cousin
Battava – Dread Guard (deceased)
Lalizarzadeh – Demon in Storasta (Deceased)
Carrock – Storasta Evil in the Harrow
Master Cyradil – Master of the Praxis Libertaria in Storasta

King Garon Yllistine of Korinthia
Queen Beatris Yllistine of Korinthia
Princess Xora Yllistine
Magra IronTooth – Injured dwarven great grandson of the Liftgar Deepforge, Cousin of Vek Steelheart of Ironwall

We are the fist empire of the new world. For the rest of the world around us still seethes with flux storms, despair, death, darkness. We have come out f the darkness. We have the opportunity to show the rest of the world what life can be like on Tarth
we are the candle in the darkness.
*I welcome you all to Korinthia. Enjoy yourself, spread the word that the shadow recedes. You are all welcome. Those of you who are citizens, is it because of you that we are here today. ’Your strength, your devotion and passion. It is I, King X who bow to you.
*Let the games begin!!!


Tarth 2.0 Aambrose