Research Tome of Loridian



Research Tome for Master Loridian
Book Servant “Ceres” (unseen, when book is open) – Unseen Servant + fly


Cold Fire
Golem Salve (Clay)
Health Restorer
Sure Grip


(1 hour prep post sleep)
Guardian Trick (Su) With a quick phrase of power, you attempt to foil an attack. Spend this boon’s effect as an immediate action when an undead or outsider hits you with an attack. The attacking creature must reroll the attack, taking the second roll even if it is lower.

Research Section:
Saved Images: Can create “lasting images” of anything seen, and save as a page in the book. (has several pages of images). Images can be “opened” into 3D over the page by touching. Holds 200 images.
Notes: Contains a seemingly random collection of words, phrases, drawings and strange mnemonic aids. Three times each day, can consult it while using the knowledge or spellcraft skill to gain a +5 competence bonus.
Can “absorb” 10 (nonmagical) books into it’s pages (2 currently – Religions of ancient Actaluka, The ravings of a mad dragon-sage)


4th—ball lightning [APG], detect scrying, dimension door S, greater invisibility, resilient sphere, remove curse OP
3rd—blink, daylight, fireball, gentle repose, secret page, sepia snake sigil S, stinking cloud S
2nd—darkvision, false life, glitterdust S, make whole, mirror image, resist energy OP, see invisibility, summon swarm S, web S
1st—burning hands, detect undead, disguise self, grease S, mage armor S, magic aura, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, unseen servant S


Research Tome of Loridian

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