Turos of Clan Gromskull


Clan Gromskull hails from the northern reaches in Nordland. The clan is primarily farmers and herdsmen, and have a centralized village in the foothills of the mountains. Herding members usually stay with heir herds, and normally only live in the village proper during the cold winter months – the other 3 seasons they are nomadic, allowing their herds (primarily sheep, goats, and small but hardy cattle) to graze at will. 

The clan is known for their prowess in battle, and are regarded as fierce warriors. They are well-trained horse riders, and maintain a small standing cavalry force as a part of the clan’s warband. The clan has several long-standing fueds  with other Nordish clans, but has been relatively peaceful lately. They are also known own for their well crafted arms and armour, which are sought throughout Tarth. 

Turos, son of Anduros, is 16. His father is a well respected man in the clan, serving on the council of elders, advising and representing the clan. He runs a the largest village forge, and has both herding and farming holdings. Growing up with some privilege, Turos learned archery, swordsmanship and riding from his father. 

Recently, his father has been giving more responsibility Turos, putting him in charge of one of the smaller herds of sheep. However, while tening he flock alone one night, Turos fell asleep, allowing a pack of wolves to decimate the herd. Be returned home in shame, with an angry and disappointed father waiting. He was disowned by his father, and shunned from the clan. He made a solemn vow, on the village green in front of much of the clan, that he would leave and return a triumphant and noble clansman, redeeming his past.


Nomadic tribe of the northern Nordlund, inland
White Hart, totem of the clan

Turos of Clan Gromskull

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