Nikolai Heron


Human, Monk – Style is NON EASTERN

The Vishani are a nomadic people who travel in family caravans trading and entertaining.
Accomplished artisans, they trade their art and goods with the peoples of the western
kingdoms. Seasonaly migrating north to the dwarven lands for the summer solstice and returning
to Korinthia and Peloth for the winter.

Vishani boys and girls who come of age, begin to learn their trades and perfect them in their
travels, be it learning the finer points of trade craft or the rythem of story and song. A few
choose to become Journeymen and undertake the Sojourn. Traveling alone they wander the lands
exploring and learning. Though the path is dangerous and many do not return, the Vishani value
those who do, for the many skills and more importantly the stories they bring home inspiring
their creativity and fueling their arts.

The Vishani pay homage to all the god, but hold only one as their own. Known simple as The
Lost God. Legends say that the god long ago forgot who he was and became lost, forever trying
to find his home. On the celestial roads the god found himself happy where he was and made the
road his home forever traveling. The Vishani believe that when they die they will join The Great Procession following The Lost God across the heavens.

The Vishani have no clerics in the formal sense, though they do boast great number of mystics.
This has lead the more superstitious peoples to distrust them. Many legends claim the Vishani
are Fey in disguise and that they steal children and wisk them away in the night. This has
arisen mostly in part to the Vishani custom of Forgetting where non-vishani youth are allowed
to join a family. After a year and a day, traveling with the family and with the approval of
the elders, the prospect is given a new name and parents, joining the family as a true

The Vishani hold no formal holidays, instead treating every new day as a reason to celebrate.
their camps often filled with the sounds of laughter and singing, frequently late into the

The Vishani welcome all people, believing that each person must choose their own path, they
are very tolerant of other peoples cultures. While they do not interfere with the cultures and
laws of the lands they roam, an outsider who harms a Vishani can expect a harsh reprisal at
the hands of vengeful family members. Though not outwardly aggressive, the Vishani prefer a
poetic sense of justice, often more humiliating then harmful, save in the case of violent

Nikolai Heron

Nikolai grew up on the road, a life of change, always on the move, the next town just over the
horizon. The stories of his ancestors, who went on Sojourn, his greatest inspiration. The
greatest of them, Bella Heron Huntress of the North, had fought in the war that ended in The
Breaking. Before the end, she sent a messager bearing her chronicle to her family. Nikolai had
grown up hearing the tales of her adventures and in him grew a yearning to create his own
story. His father a Journeyman and talented acrobat began to teach Nikolai the many skills
honed on his Sojourn. The arts of Efficient movement, Conversation, and Games of chance became
his world. Before long Nikolai found himself getting into and out of trouble with a natural
grace. When the day of his Sojourn arrive he could hardly contain his excitement. The morning
spent consoling the worried womenfolk and weathering the heavy handed congratulations of the
menfolk. Finaly about noon Nikolai hit the road, the call of the unknown before him and the
wind at his back. Wondering to himself, where to go, the thought suddenly hit him, Korinthia,
yes korithia was nice this time of year. So began his


Nikolai Heron

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