Tarth 2.0

Tarth Campaign - Prequel
The days before...

In the years and months before the Shattering, the nations of Tarth and their defending forces, finally organized and focused, drove to rout the forces of the coming god.

Battle after battle, land lost and gained, the only certainty was that of death. The coming god’s taint continued to spread. Village, Town, City, Country. A neverending shadow. Battlefields of the heroic dead, hip deep. Rivers of blood.

Often, veterans were organized together into key teams to take on the most dangerous missions. These groups, bound by the blood oath, dealt with some of the strongest foes and key strategic targets. It is one of these teams, Nemesis Company, that was sent to support the SkyTower. This position, one of 4 across Tarth, was meant to be a site to open the gates. To activate the Aleph gates all at once, and key them to seek out the taint anywhere on Tarth it exists. If it worked, any tainted being or object on the world would be instantly identified and known.

The coming god could sense the opening of the gates and the strongest Aleph activation ever recorded. Sagimon of Hellgate, 10th circle master, had a doubt. This was his undoing. Through him, the dark one added the tiniest essence of darkness to the ritual… turning the gate ritual from living objects seeking his power, to a tool to spread it.

In the battle for their lives and the Skytower, Nemesis Company disrupted the ritual. The backlash sealed the gates, but also sealed Aleph on Tarth. All trace of Aleph eradicated from the planet save the markings on the gate.

The ritual ended, a great loss for all races, and a brief peace.

This keystone allowed the Sacred Circle and the Zinyadi push to the steps of the great gate. There the ritual of the Shattering was cast and the gates broken. The coming god, Yog, again cast to the nether. The world destroyed and reborn.


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